Rainbow Rhythmic Gymnastic Ribbon

About the Equipment

This Rainbow Rhythmic Gymnastic Ribbons is imported. They are well made and good quality for Rhythmic Gymnasts just starting with the Sport up until Level 5. These Ribbons are manufactured according to FIG Specifications.


Recommended For

This Ribbon is recommended for Beginners Level Rhythmic Gymnasts (SAGF Level 1 to 5).


F.I.G. Specifications 

 Parameters Description
Material Satin or similar material.
Length The total length of the Rhythmic Gymnastic Ribbon is 7m in one piece. The end at which the Rhythmic Gymnastic Ribbon is attached to the Ribbon Stick is folded double in a length of 1m (+/- 0.1m). Ready made Rhythmic Gymnastic Ribbons have a length of 6m minimum. Juniors may use a Rhythmic Gymnastic Ribbon with a minimum length of 5m.
Weight A minimum of 35g without the Ribbon Stick for Senior Rhythmic Gymnasts and 30g minimum for Junior Rhythmic Gymnasts.
Width The Rhythmic Gymanstic Ribbon should be betwen 40mm and 60mm wide.
Colour The colour of the Ribbon is optional, however bright colours are preferred.


*Please note Junior Apparatus have been modified and may not conform with minimum weight and height requirements

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