Junior Rhythmic Gymnastic Glitter Ball

About the Equipment

A Rhythmic Gymnastic Ball needs to be durable, great quality and easy to handle. These Balls come in multiple colours and are made from a high quality rubber. This product has been modified to suite younger Rhythmic Gymnasts with smaller hands.

  • Weight: 320 grams
  • Diameter: 14 centimeters 


Recommended For

This Ball is highly recommended for Beginners (SAGF Level 1 to 3).


F.I.G. Specifications

Parameters Description 
Material Rubber or soft plastic, anti-static.
Weight A minimum 400g. Not applicable for Junior Equipment.
Diameter The diameter of the Rhythmic Gymnastic Ball should be between 180mm to 200mm. Not applicable for Junior Equipment.
Colour The colour of the Rhythmic Gymnastic Ball is optional, however bright colours are preferred.


*Please note Junior Apparatus have been modified and may not conform with minimum weight and height requirements

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