Junior Rhythmic Gymnastic Clubs

About the Equipment

Rhythmic Gymnastic Clubs come as a pair and is the only apparatus where the Individual Rhythmic Gymnast has to handle two separate pieces of equipment in one routine. It is important that the Clubs are correctly weighted as this impacts the ease of use. This product has been modified to suite younger Rhythmic Gymnasts with shorter arms.

  • Weight: 180 grams
  • Length: 36 centimeters 
  • Material: Plastic


Recommended For

These Rhythmic Gymnastic Clubs are highly recommended for Beginners (SAGF Level 1 to 3) and younger Rhythmic Gymnasts.


F.I.G. Specifications

Parameters  Description
Material Wood or synthetic material.
Weight A minimum of 150g each. Not applicable for Junior Equipment.
Diameter The diameter of the head of the Rhythmic Gymnastic Club should be a maximum of 30mm. Not applicable for Junior Equipment.
Length Between 400 and 500mm. Not applicable for Junior Equipment.
Shape The Rhythmic Gymnastic Clubs have a bottle shape.
Colour The colour of the Rhythmic Gymnastic Clubs are optional, however bright colours are preferred. The Clubs may also be wrapped with tape.


 *Please note Junior Apparatus have been modified and may not conform with minimum weight and height requirements

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