High Performance Rhythmic Gymnastic Rope

About the Equipment

These locally manufactured, durable Rhythmic Gymnastic Ropes are available in a variety of colours and are made from a high quality synthetic material according to FIG Specifications. The weave of this Rope ensures that it maintains its shape beautifully during handling, skipping, lasso's, tosses and throws.

  • Diameter: 9 millimeters
  • Length: 3 meters


Recommended For

This Rope is highly recommended for Beginners to Advanced Level Rhythmic Gymnasts (SAGF Level 1 to Senior Olympic).

Apparatus Modifications
Rhythmic Gymnasts are able to adjust the Rope to their height by trimming the end of the Rope, resealing the material by either burning or wrapping it with tape and then re-knotting the Rope to ensure that it is easy to handle.


FIG Specifications

 Parameter Description
Material Synthetic, hemp or any other similar suitable material.
Length According to the height of the gymnast.
Thickness Uniform or reinforced at the centre of the Rope.
Shape Both Rope ends may be with out without knots. The Rhythmic Gymnast may cover the ends with a non-slip material in a length that corresponds to the width of her hand. There may be no wooden handles.
Colour The colour of the Rope is optional, however bright colours are preferred.

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