High Performance Rhythmic Gymnastic Ribbon Stick

About the Equipment

The Rhythmic Gymnastic Ribbon Stick should be long, slender and easy to handle. These Ribbon Sticks are manufactured according to FIG Specifications.


Recommended For

This Ribbon Stick is highly recommended for Beginners to High Performance Rhythmic Gymnasts (SAGF Level 1 to 10, Pre-Junior, Junior and Senior).


F.I.G. Specifications

 Parameters Description
Material The Ribbon Stick can be made of wood, bamboo, fibreglass or synthetic material.
The Fixture component of the Ribbon Stick can consist of cord, nylon-thread (or similar material); or a swivel attached to the stick.
Length The Ribbon Stick may be between 500 and 600mm.
The Fixture at the top of the Ribbon Stick may be no longer than 70mm.
Diameter The Ribbon Stick may have a maximum diameter of 10mm at its thickest point.
Shape The Ribbon Stick has a cylindrical or conical shape. The handle of the Ribbon Stick may be wrapped in a non-slip material with a maximum length of 100mm.
Colour The colour of the Ribbon Stick is optional.

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