Passion for your Sport=Dedication+Hard Work+Love+Obsession+Excitement


Over the December holidays I had the opportunity to present a workshop to some young Rhythmic Gymnasts in a small town. It was lovely - they were an enthusiastic bunch, good humoured and tried incredibly hard. They managed to accomplish so much during the three days that it was a really energising experience for me.

One of the Rhythmic Gymnasts attending the workshop truly impressed me with the spirit she showed for the Sport. There is something very exciting about working with an individual that is driven and excited about what they do. I loved the fact that she never stood still, sat down or leaned against the wall - you know the usual things one does when you’re either tired or bored. Instead she kept on moving and even encouraged the other girls around her to keep on trying. She was completely passionate about Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Rhythmic Gymnastics (or any other sport for that matter) is about so much more than the results achieved at competitions. Gymnasts, Coaches and Parents tend to lose sight of this.

I’ve watched and judged countless Rhythmic Gymnasts. A handful of them stand out in my memory because of the passion they displayed while they were performing their routines. They may not have had the highest difficulty, complicated handling or perfect execution. But their unbridled zest for what they were doing came through. It’s not something you can fake. This passion allows you to connect with the audience around you.

Passion is also important when it comes to the training process. It makes your sessions more enjoyable and increases your interest and enthusiasm for what you’re doing. All of a sudden you don't mind putting in the hours!


One can go on and on about being passionate about what you do. The question we need to ask ourselves is how does one go about ‘cultivating’ it.

So here are some of my thoughts.... 


Fuel your child’s interest in Rhythmic Gymnastics. Help them research the Sport on the internet. Educate yourself so that you are able to create opportunities for your children where you can. Support them selflessly. 


Nurture your Rhythmic Gymnasts so that they develop a deep love for the Sport. Get them excited about Rhythmic Gymnastics. Make sure they feel that they are achieving something. Ensure that training and competition is a positive enjoyable experience. You are their first point of real contact with the Sport - make it count.

Rhythmic Gymnasts

Use every opportunity you have to improve. Learn as much as you can. Be open minded and enthusiastic. Give it your all and most importantly enjoy yourself!

Photo Credit: Fanny Cortyl -
Rhythmic Gymnast: Neviana Vladinova from Bulgaria
Michelle Kleu
Michelle Kleu